About my teaching

The courses – long or short term – are structured to produce a piece of choreography from the material and the exercises taught in class.

Emphasis is laid on rhythmical training and on the understanding of the interaction between the dance and the music. The use of floor training is also an important element. Such exercises are often used in professional dance classes to harmonize breath and movement and to develop flexibility and strength.

Another, more general, aim is the reestablishment of the contact between body and mind. Therefore, if the students wish, I begin the classes with concentration exercises – without mirror. This increases the well being and intensifies the sensation of being present in one’s own body.

Dance is not merely a matter of reproducing movements correctly –it is a matter of evocating images and of communicating them.


  • dance technique: posture, movements of arms and hands, turns
  • marcajes: basic steps to mark and to maintain the rhythm
  • zapateado: footwork
  • palmas: handclapping
  • choreography: a piece of dance composed by the elements of the course
  • various exercises on the floor